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Offering and Giving in the Church of Acts vs Offering Now

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Offering and Giving in the Church of Acts vs Offering Now

Postby remade » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:16 pm

On today's show from 2-3pm -- and I couldn't tell if it was a repeat or "best of," (as it was Monday when I tuned in for a bit) or if it was live... but the last question Steve, you talked about a lot of good points. If I can sum them up logically, and perhaps not as chronological, but I'm a writer more than a rememberer half the time:

+ The offering of the original church of Acts didn't give towards buildings, but towards the People, the true Church, as the Church is the people
> One quote I think I remember you saying is, "They didn't give towards any building, because they didn't have a building. They had
better things to give their money to,"
+ Many if not all of the first church didn't go poor or hungry, as the church shared their money with each other
+ Offerings were likely more than just 10%. As tithing was not a New Testament thing, since the Temple was in the Old Covenant.

And then you began to give some very true criticisms of very many churches today, and that is the sanctuary seems to be more of a theater for entertainment. Musicians performing, and pastors with prepared speeches and so forth.

To give people the benefit of the doubt, you said "People might be edified by this, and certainly God can and does use it for His good."

I guess the thought I have, I can springboard from the ironic fact, that as you finished with that question, wishing you could share more, you turned around saying, "We have to go off air," and then proceeded to ask people to give because your show is a listener-supported show, and these bills need to be paid.

I think it illustrates something you'll agree with here: that the Church today lives in a different age. And that certainly, definitely, and emphatically the Church could gain and stand to look at the book of Acts and say, "What are we missing now, that we can implement from then?" But the fact that you

(a) run an online website(s)
(b) have a radio show
(c) edify the Body of Christ through said channels
(d) need money to run through these channels

Illustrates the fact that we live in a different world, where giving by Christians may go for things that didn't go to before. I believe that when any listener supports your show, since you are using your gifts for God's glory and they are giving for this, it is an act of worship, an offering that furthers the kingdom.

I say all this to say, that while I certainly agree with all your points, there are genuine believers and communities out there whom I believe use their building as a resource for the furthering of God's Kingdom. In some ways, it could be almost an indispensable resource, as it becomes a convenient meeting place, for things like community dinners, communal gathering spot for non-Chrisitans to come and use that doesn't put any one member of the congregation out of a house and home. We can also read from the Book of Acts that many church hosts were wealthy, and had the means to house congregations because they're space was already meant for communal gathering. They just redeemed their party and hosting space for Christian worship.

This is certainly not a criticism, because I agree that many churches do unwisely handle money, and assume that their megachurch needs another gymnasium. That's not what I'm talking about here. But for the faithful churches who do see, "We need more space, because we can house bigger services," and 4 services is pushing the limit on manpower, and/or buildings or separate campuses may not be an option... I see how God can use that.

Or even, for the small, rural church facilities (like the one I'm a pastor at) keeping the bills paid, so more community events like holiday dinners, or local volunteer fire meetings keeps the "doors open" but physically and spiritually to reach out to neighbors who may not be Christian, and if they see the welcoming kindness to invite them into a facility. This allows these people to build relationships with the pastor or other church congregations (which can easily happen at homes in other settings, but when organizations might need a 'community gathering spot' and the church facility fits the bill).

In that sense, I believe the church facility can be a helpful, missional, useful resource.

It is certainly a touchy topic, and again, you do make points that should be verbalized more often too.
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Re: Offering and Giving in the Church of Acts vs Offering No

Postby MMathis » Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:30 pm

I agree that some on TV are money grubbing in the worst sense of the word. One is spending 2 or 300 hundred million dollars building a money factory in the Far East.

At the same time, I think TBN is a good alternative to network TV.

Steve's ministry seems to be lean and mean in the good sense of the meaning. Anything you want is free, including the radio show. I try to listen as often as possible and happily send a few bucks now and then. I believe him to be the "real deal" and those are rare.
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