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Information regarding The Narrow Path Ministries.

Postby Priestly1 » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:02 pm

Hello Steve!

There is an odd KJVO-WOF-MSOG gentleman of Australia, by the name of Matthew Verschuur, who has been to this Group as "Bible Protector". He plagues Facebook and Bible Forums on the Net. He and his "pastor" have put out a 1,250 page Book on Prophecy, which deals with the same Four Views of Revelation as your Book.

It is here:

You or your Publisher should look into this Book to see if they have plagiarized from your work or have infringed upon copyrite in any way. This man is notorious and dishonest. They are seeking donations for this FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD. You know how that goes. I would hate to have your labors adapted for their use and gain. Just a friendly heads up.

Happy Advent, Merry Christmas and Blessed Epiphany!

Ken Huffman
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Postby steve » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:43 pm

Thanks Ken,

I remember some of his posts. I may not have the time to look over his book on Revelation. It would be, technically, illegal for him to plagiarize my material—however, my book draws very heavily from other (properly attributed) sources, and one could lift most of those quotes from my work, and incorporate them into his work, without actually plagiarizing me (of course, I had to get permission to cite many of those works that I quoted, and it would be up to those authors to enforce their copyrights against another person quoting them above the "fair use" limits).

I am not really concerned if people get the information from their book, rather than from mine. I never have written anything with financial profit in mind, but only to get the information into people's hands. If it get there through someone plagiarizing, or building upon, my work, this objective is served. Of course, if people getting it from them causes other errors from the same men to be embraced by the "consumer," then this would be an undesirable outcome.

Thanks again for the heads-up!
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