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Eternal conscious torment revisited

Re: Eternal conscious torment revisited

Postby steve7150 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:06 am

Hopeful universalism makes some sense to me, given the reality of libertarian free will.

Certain or dogmatic universalism can only be true, it seems to me, if some form of divine determinism / compatibilism is true. I agree with your point Homer.
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It seems clear to me there is some determinism that God reserves the right to use to suit his purposes and he has done that many times. We have the flood,hardening Pharoeh's heart, picking Jacob, judgment on Israel or even sending Jesus. So our free will is always subject to God's purposes! So since God has already intervened many times to accomplish his purposes , if he wants CU and it is necessary why wouldn't he intervene? The answer may be because then the coerced believer wouldn't be exercising love out of free will, but maybe God knows that ultimately his heart will change over time? Even if not, if it's God's will to do something for someone's benefit even against their will, He may choose to do it if it fits His purposes.
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