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Post by nancyer » Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:35 pm

I've struggled with this since coming to Christ. I can't really say that I have "felt" the nearness of God, but I absolutely know He's there. It's just something I know.I don't question it. But at the same time, I desprately want that experience of feeling God around me, feeling the Holy Spirit descend upon me, filling me. I pray for this often.

For the past year God has provided for me in more ways then I could possibly have asked. Prayers are being answered in amazing ways and each time I feel blown away yet I think "I knew you'd come through God, Thank You thank you thank you!!" For example, a couple months ago I didn't know how I would pay my cell phone bill. I'm job hunting so I have to have my phone. My sister had arranged a lunch with 2 long time friends of ours to celebrate our birthdays. We do this every year, no gifts, just time together to laugh and remember. My sister picked me up and we met them at a restaurant (my sister had already told me my day was on her). When we were about done eating one of the friends handed out birthday cards. In mine was a lovely note and $100. Praise God!!!!! I knew it was God, I knew it! :D . We haven't given cards or gifts to each other for years. She just felt like she wanted to this time.

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