What servant leadership is and isn't

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What servant leadership is and isn't

Post by jeffreyclong » Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:07 am

I've been collecting some of my thoughts on congregational ministry having the perspective of time looking back at the churches I've pastored. I'm not cynical.. rather, I think that it is a path fraught with peril for young men who feel called to minister. I am quite certain that the majority of men who feel called to ministry think that it means go to bible college or seminary, get ordained, and find a congregation that will hire them to be their pastor because that is all that our culture (western civilization) has shown us as the path.

One of the hazards of this path is that both pastors and congregations have a faulty understanding of what being a "servant" means. Pastors think it means that even if people are creating a toxic dysfunctional environment, they should suck it up and take it.. be nailed to that cross. And churches sometimes seem to think that it means that they should let him sacrafice himself for them..

Again.. this isn't cynical. I'm free from this trap. And have nothing but compassion to men stuck in this.

But I wonder.. I seem to be in a position where I can "pastor" these pastors.. what does servant leadership actually mean? I know it doesn't mean indentured servitutde to the members of a nonprofit for religious purposes institutions. Or codependency to "well-intentioned dragons" in the congregation.

So.. what is it? If I am in a position where I can minister to ministers.. how do I free them from false servanthood into true servanthood.


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Re: What servant leadership is and isn't

Post by dorianleigh » Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:11 pm

Brother Yun has written some books regarding servant leadership and he is of the opinion that churches in our country have lost the presence of the Lord, due to the lack of servant leadership.

What is the solution? Prayer, prayer and more prayer, then obedience to His will.

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