Laying on of hands

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Laying on of hands

Post by KyleB » Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:34 pm

I recently finished listening to Steve's Foundations series (the newer one on the Digital Ministries site, I've listened to both). In the teaching about the laying on of hands, the point is made that not only is a symbolic transfer of authority made in the laying on of hands, but also an authorization of an individual by a group of believers to serve in a particular ministry/task (Acts 13:2,3).

I have not sought to become a teacher. A few years ago I would have run away from the opportunity. However, around the time that I was introduced to Steve's teaching and was inspired to really read and learn the Bible, I was asked by our church's children's ministry leader to become a Sunday school teacher. Several months later, I was asked by an elder of our church (with whom I was/am co-teaching the Sunday school class) to consider starting up something for the college age group (which we currently had nothing for). I said I would pray about it, which I did, but I never really heard any more about it so I just let it go. A few weeks later a guy in the college age group said that he would be really interested in going to a bible study if I would start one. So I have begun this as well.

What crossed my mind while listening to Steve's teaching was:

1) Wouldn't it be appropriate for the elders of a church to lay hands on and pray over (privately or publicly?) someone who they were releasing into a teaching position?

2) I'm not sure at this point whether or not I have a gift in teaching. I really don't believe much fruit can come from un-gifted ministry. Would it be appropriate in light of the passages in 1 and 2 Timothy (below) to ask the elders to pray for a teacher for this purpose?

3) Is this even an issue I should approach the elders with? I just don't want to pass up any of God's blessing on ministry work that I'm trying to do, and if this is a route that is portrayed as a biblical norm, I guess I should follow it. But it seems like an akward/embarrasing thing to ask for since it isn't really a part of the culture of the fellowship I attend right now (non-demoninational, non-charismatic but not anti-charismatic).

Thanks for bearing with me, this whole gifts thing is a bit of a mystery to me.

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