Great Song - Sacred Lamb

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Great Song - Sacred Lamb

Post by Homer » Tue Sep 12, 2023 11:28 am

Ran across this recently:


Oh Sacred Lamb
You knew my name
You knew my heart
And You knew my frame
You knew what I could never know
You went where I could never go

Your side was pierced
And Your heart was torn
A crown of thorns
Your head adorned
And with those nails
They're in Your hands
Carried every sin
Of mortal man

One day You'll come
And take us home
You'll come for those
You call your own
And with my eyes
I'll finally see
This Sacred Lamb
That lives in me

Oh Sacred Lamb
Thou Sacred Lamb
You died alone
And You took my stand
To make me clean
And white as snow
To Calvary You had to go
You come a simple, humble man
Just to save my soul
Oh Sacred Lamb

Just to save my soul
Oh Sacred Lamb

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