Recent interview between Atheist and Hugh Ross

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Recent interview between Atheist and Hugh Ross

Post by darinhouston » Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:29 pm

I occasionally listen to David Smalley's Atheist Podcasted "Dogma Debate" -- he has had a number of unsuccessful Christians try (valiantly but weakly) to defend against his many arguments. Inevitably, when talking about creation/evolution, they all tend to resort to authority and say "if only you'd read what Hugh Ross says -- he has answers to all that." So, Smalley got Hugh Ross to come on and speak directly with him. It's a pretty interesting show.

Incidentally, I've tried to get him interested in having Steve on, but so far no response. ... gment=true
Episode #407 – Christian Astronomer vs. David Smalley
Hugh Ross is a very well-known scientist, astronomer, and Christian apologist who has authored 18 books; covering topics such as the cosmos, origins of life, and even the occult and UFOs. He joins David & KT to discuss the Bible's scientific claims, Ouija Boards, demons, and the science behind the creation story in Genesis. Get an extra hour of the conversation at!

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