5 Theological Influences

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Re: 5 Theological Influences

Post by jriccitelli » Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:58 am

Well now that we’ve gone beyond five:

Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Thomas Aquinas
Francis Schaffer
Walter Martin
Josh McDowell
J. Vernon McGee

Although I have many preferred commentaries, and writers, I feel the better a theologian is: the less ‘they’ influence you. I picked these 7, mostly apologists, because they inspired my love for reasoning, research and inspired my method for religious and biblical study (if that could have been the question). The Tanners had a huge impact on me, the book ‘Shadow or Reality’, and ‘The Black hole in the book of Mormon’ being amazing works. And they did this research with antique computers! I am not speaking of the beliefs or conclusions any of these writers came too, but ‘the method of analysis and deduction’ these writers demonstrated such as Aquinas ‘Summa Theologica’, or Aristotle’s Metaphysics and other works. I was so fortunate to have discovered a good used bookstore in my neighborhood and found both these volumes as a new believer who was reasoning with Mormons. J. Vernon simply because he reminds me that good expository teaching goes much deeper into the heart and mind, and never gets old (his Sunday sermons were super awesome. It is like a breath of fresh air when I hear McGee. Yet still I am not a dispensationalist).

I have long noticed that although I may be able to glean and learn from and respect hundreds of good Theologians, and even though I approach things ‘attempting’ to believe everything, I find no one can agree with everything. I noted that Aristotle disagreed with Plato, and brilliant as he was even Aristotle goes too far in his reasoning sometimes, a lesson I try to keep in mind.
You could say Joseph Smith had a ‘huge influence’ on me, his unbelievable charade of false doctrine and antics had a huge impact on my interest in doctrine. Being a bible believer and sitting in a Mormon pew for awhile allowed me to grow in this area of questioning everyone and their followers, just as reading through Luther onetime and coming across his anti-Semitic remarks, etc. Yet in the same vein, I still enjoy listening to R.C. Sproul and the White Horse Inn, out of lack of much other radio substance available even though I am vehemently opposed to Calvinism. I wanted to add: Corrie Ten Boom and Dale Carnegie (And also add Mark Twain and Isaac Asimov who inspired my love for reading!)

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Re: 5 Theological Influences

Post by Quilter2 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:26 pm

The last months, I have been enjoying listening to the mp3 files of the radio broadcasts from issuesetc.org

which is based in Collinsville, IL near us. They are conservative confessional Lutheran, very educated and interesting to listen to. Not the usual drivel you hear on evangelical radio or cynical name calling you get on some political programs. They sure sound like converted people, although the liturgy is too stiff for me. But I enjoy their traditional church music programs also. They are polite and cordial, but have very good analysis of the current church scene. They have a number of speakers who rotate responsibility and I was surprised to learn that their brand of Lutheran deny being Calvinist. They talk about there was some kind of forced "Prussian union" by the government of reformed and lutheran churches in Germany in the 1800s, hence the doctrinal differences that came from Reformed (Zwingli/Calvin). Their group (called Old Lutheran) would not conform and have their doctrine twisted, so they migrated to various countries including the US. Here they became the German Missouri Synod churches, and their headquarters is in St. Louis near us. They have been discussing church history, and the origins and distinctives of various denominations but seem very fair even when they do not agree.
I don't expect to become Lutheran, but it is refreshing not to have dispensationalism, Zionism or Hebrew roots teaching forced on me all the time. They are amil.



Re: 5 Theological Influences

Post by nancyer » Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:23 pm

My biggest influence would be Pastor Bob Wicherts, former pastor at Hesperia United Methodist Church. He was the pastor when I joined this church in 2009.

I also include in the list Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Chuck Swindol, and my current pastor, Mark Marcos.

I'll look into some of the names others have listed here. Thanks for this topic.

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