What should a pastor do? Coronavirus edition

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Re: What should a pastor do? Coronavirus edition

Post by mattrose » Mon May 04, 2020 1:35 am

I appreciate the above discussion...

As a pastor in NY state, here's where my thought process has been

1. It made a lot of sense to listen to the WHO and CDC and White House and NY State early on... b/c so much was unknown and it is better to err on the side of caution. Thus, we stopped having on-site gatherings in mid March

2. I began to be a bit concerned that some of the restrictions didn't make a whole lot of sense and were potentially unfair to religious organizations. For instance, a church in my area was denied the right to conduct a 'drive-in' service. This did not make very much sense to me given that it would have complied with social distancing protocols. Why shouldn't cars be allowed to park at a church while they are allowed to park at a liquor store? I made the decision to host a drive-in SonRise service on Easter morning. I didn't advertise it except to our congregation. I made the people park every other spot. Nobody was allowed to leave their car. It went well.

3. All that being said, we have continued to conduct online worship services each Sunday at 9:30. In many ways some good things have developed from this. Our church has been caring for each other very well. There seems to be more prayer. We are more community and outreach minded than before. Everyone wants to get back to gathering, but I do see some silver lining.

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