Steve Gregg's Overview of the Books of Chronicles

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Steve Gregg's Overview of the Books of Chronicles

Post by Biblegate » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:03 am

Not many Christians can say they have read through every word of the Old Testament books of 1st and 2nd Chronicles. The nine chapters of genealogies at the beginning are enough to put-off most readers. Then there are many other chapters listing obscure names of Levites, priests, musicians, gatekeepers, etc.—which, frankly, seem to be useless to know. The narrative sections that are interesting are largely a repetition of the Books of Samuel and Kings—which most readers have just finished reading when they come to Chronicles. Unfortunately, because these books usually get only a brief scan-through, if they are not ignored completely, their distinctives are often missed.

In his ongoing project of giving an overview of each book of the Bible (monthly), Bible teacher Steve Gregg recently presented a fascinating introduction and survey of the often overlooked Books of 1st and 2nd Chronicles. That two-part lecture is now available on this Narrow Path website, and on The Narrow Path YouTube channel. Here are the links:

Narrow Path Audio ... Part_1.mp3 ... Part_2.mp3

Narrow Path YouTube

part 1

part 2

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