Prayers please

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Re: Prayers please

Post by dwight92070 » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:55 pm

How's your wife?

Is it possible that the Lord wanted that plate to come out and that this is how he orchestrated it?

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Re: Prayers please

Post by Ian » Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:39 am

It would seem that way to me dwight.

Spiritualizing an actual event like that (removal of the plate in my neck) could seem loony to some (even to Christians), except that God applied Isaiah 52 v1-12 at a very significant point in time (following my desparate "lucky dip" opening at that page the day we found out what she had). Its content contains striking insight into my life then. Much of the passage is a rebuke. But I have to remind myself that there is a promise in there too - starting v7. And interestingly enough I`m a retired mountaineer (though ongoing outdoor filmer, fanatically almost).

We know that the Bible pattern is for the husband to be the head of the wife as Christ is of the church. For one thing it would seem the husband should "cover" for his wife in prayer and for that he has to lead a life worthy of having his prayers answered. I have not done well by my wife in this regard, I know it.
On the practical side: youthful optimism 20 years ago saw me move here to Switzerland rather than Adie to England. Alas she has been the chief financial and practical "head" for the whole time since. I even donned the McDonalds uniform for a year at the start. We never planned children, me being then a risk-taking mountaineer and my wife being terrified of being left alone holding a baby. So our marriage has been dysfunctional in that regard. However I love her to bits. She`s my best Earthly friend, mother, daughter, sister, wife, all rolled into one.

And then she got ill.

I have to cling to the optimism of verse 7.

She is doing only fair. But is starting treatment again soon.

I`ve been following Nabeel Qureshi far too much on Youtube. My heart aches for him. And it`s all a bit too close to home sometimes.

Thanks for reading.

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